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7 Ways to Keep Your Energy Up When You Travel – By Evelyn Kail


For some, traveling can open their hearts to new experiences and for others, it can be their worst nightmare. It may be an hour long drive to chill out at your friend’s place, or a weekend getaway with your family. Even though you may be excited to reach your destination, the traveling part can exhaust your body and mind. The anxiety of packing and preparing for the trip will only add to this. There are several packing guides available online that can help you pack for a move or a vacation, without the stress.

Remember that there is a solution to every problem. Travelling need not burn you out. Here are some techniques you can follow that will help you stay fresh and energized while traveling.  



 The inability to move around when traveling by train or flight can drain your energy. It’s important that you stay active. Walk back and forth, do heal lifts, massage your calves, roll your shoulders, or rotate your arms.

These movements will improve your blood circulation and relieve muscle stiffness. When space is restricted, every bit of physical activity can ease tiredness.  



For many people, the best part of traveling is the food. When you travel to a new place, it’s only natural that you want to try the popular local delicacies. But, sometimes things get out of control, and you end up having a five-course meal followed by dessert.  

But, don’t worry these things are bound to happen. Just make it a point not to eat too much unhealthy or heavy food while traveling. Add healthy snacks like fruits or nuts to your diet.  



Travelling can dehydrate you and this, in turn, will mess with your mood and energy level. Instead of drinking beverages filled with sugar stick to still or sparkling water. If you’re taking a flight, carry green or herbal tea bags and ask for some hot water.

Also, stay away from icy drinks to avoid catching a cold while traveling. Proper hydration will supply the right amount of oxygen to the brain which will keep you energized.



Sitting for extended periods of time can cause your body to generate heat. This is the reason why you feel lethargic and sleepy while traveling. Eyes are affected by the heat, and this can cause them to  become red and puffy.

The best way to beat the heat is by placing a cold, wet towel on your eyes for at least 10 minutes. You could even use eye drops recommend by a doctor to prevent redness.



It’s important to feel fresh throughout your journey. So make sure you pack your beauty and hygiene essentials. Also, keep face wipes and a hand sanitizer stashed in your backpack to freshen up during the day. 

Once you reach your hotel and check in, inspect the room. Check if it is clean and store all your baggage in cupboards. Above all don’t forget to take a shower before you rest so that you can sleep better.



Don’t we all feel immediately refreshed when we walk into a room that smells good? Well, you can feel the same way while traveling too. Carry essential oils such as basil, peppermint, rosemary or lavender. When you inhale the scent of the oils, it will help you relax and calm your nerves.

Apart from this, you can follow simple acupressure techniques that will keep you energized and clear your mind. To relieve stress, pinch the skin in between your thumb and index finger for a minute. 



When you’re traveling by train or bus, you never know what kind of entertainment options will be available. So it’s always best to plan ahead. Listening to your favorite songs can improve your mood and help you feel energized while traveling. Create playlists and add songs to your mobile or iPod. Don’t forget to carry portable chargers so that your electronic gadgets won’t run out of battery.

You can also carry books, magazines or crossword puzzles that will keep your mind occupied. These are some of the ways through which you can beat travel boredom.

By following these tips, your trip can be much more productive and exciting. So the next time you’re on-the-go, you will feel energized and make the most out of every day.



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Credits to Evelyn Kail for her guest blog post on CanvasPop