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The Hottest Colors And The Coolest Places to Use Them


Summer is here! Lawns are bright, gardens are bursting with jewel-toned flowers, and the sky is an endless sea of blue. The beauty of summer is apparent every time we walk outside, so why not bring some of that beauty into your home? To make things easy, we’ve rounded up the hottest colors and the coolest places to use them in your home for summer 2016!

1. Cobalt Blue. This shade of blue is perfect for summer–it’s bright and playful while still retaining the relaxing qualities of the color blue. Easily add splashes of cobalt blue throughout your home with accessories like lamp shades, table cloths, throw pillows, and welcome mats.


2. Orange. Orange is very bright and inspires an energetic feeling in the home. This color is best used in small accents, as too much can be overwhelming. Great places to use orange? Take advantage of the unused fireplace during the summer months–stack vivid orange candles in a variety of sizes and shapes inside the fireplace. If you love the beach, try a large, decorative hunk of orange coral (coral is not only colorful, but the unique shapes resemble the bloom of a flower).


3. Yellow. Happy, happy, happy. That’s what you feel when add some splashes of yellow to your home decor. Add yellow in rooms like the kitchen and living room with unique painted canvases and vases of sunny flowers. Have cushions on your kitchen chairs? Swap them out for a dazzling yellow version during the summer. Yellow pops even more when paired with neutral favorites like grey and white.


4. Sky Blue. Like the sunny sky dotted with wispy clouds, this delicate blue is welcome in large doses because it creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Add this color to your summer decor with drapery panels, area rugs, ottomans, and even a sofa cover.


5. Lime. Lime is bright and cheerful but also refreshing (like a cool cocktail on a warm summer day). This color brings a punch of summer into any home and works well as a highlight accent in any room. Get creative with lime paint–spruce up an old mirror frame, a small side table, or a bookcase backdrop. Add some small accessories in the same color throughout the room to tie in with the lime highlight!


6. Navy. Navy is a classic color that pairs well with white to create a crisp and clean summer look. Use navy to create a nautical theme throughout your home. Add navy trim to window dressings, place a decorative navy anchor on your fireplace mantle or a side table, or embrace a bold striped pattern with a navy and white area rug.


7. Grey. Soft shades of grey are great for summer decorating. This gentle color is a cool and breezy addition to your home decor and it helps to evoke that laid-back summertime vibe. Another plus: grey pairs well with many other brighter accent colors like pink, yellow, and lime. Use grey abundantly throughout your rooms on large pieces such as furniture, bedding, walls, and window dressings.


8. White. White is the classic summer color. Light and airy, white embraces every part of the quintessential summer day. This crisp, clean color is best used in abundance, paired with brightly colored accessories. To freshen up your house and create additional light, paint dark wood trim, staircases, and even wooden kitchen chairs white.


Now that you know which colors will turn your home into a summer paradise, check out some other simple decorating ideas to add to your list!

– Frame a map! Maps are a fantastic decoration.

– Give your outdoor furniture a face lift. Paint old wicker furniture in a bright color to give it new life.

– Embrace nature. Bring some of the beauty of summer inside with vases of fresh flowers, elegant seashells found on the beach, or bowls of fresh fruit.

– Lighten your windows. Have heavy drapes framing your windows? Switch them up for light and flowy fabrics during the summer months.

– Use your outdoor space. Don’t restrict your summer decor to the inside of your house–get creative with your outdoor space as well. Build a simple fire pit and add a circle of chairs for a great spot to relax and roast marshmallows after a long summer day. Or create a reading nook with a hammock and cozy pillows in a shady corner of the yard.


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