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5 Crazy Health Hacks That Are Good For You – Evelyn Kail


When it comes to achieving great health, there are no short cuts. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the two most important things that can improve the physical and mental well-being of an individual. However, if you like to have fun while experiencing better results, here are five crazy health hacks that you can try!



Mixed martial arts (MMA) champion Junior Dos Santos takes frequent ice baths to reduce muscle soreness and speed up his recovery after tiring workout sessions. Even Brock Lesnar and several other athletes take ice baths to prevent after-workout muscle soreness.

Ice baths aren’t just for professionals. Any gym rat can see better results after a workout by taking ice baths that are particularly more effective during the summer considering the fact that external heat and your increased body temperature during a workout can make you feel like a half-baked chicken.

How ice baths are effective? Studies have shown that exposure to cold environment can reduce inflammation and improve hormone secretion, mood, metabolism and aid in better sleep.



Although many people may tell you that skipping meals is a bad idea, studies have shown that intermittent fasting offers definite benefits to the health that go far beyond weight loss.

Fasting acts as a reset button for the digestive system and improves the functioning of your digestive organs. Other benefits of fasting include improved human growth hormone secretion, cellular repair, cancer prevention, drop in blood sugar levels, and reduction in oxidative stress, which in turn slows down aging in addition to curing many chronic diseases.

To experience the benefits of intermittent fasting, it’s not necessary that you skip your breakfast every day. Just doing it once a week would be sufficient enough to see positive changes in your physical and mental well-being. Your digestive system will love the much-needed rest!



This was an interesting tip suggested by a friend. Not many would dare to add a scoop of fat in their food or drink because that of the monstrous calories it adds to your diet, but my source says he has successfully met tight deadlines by adding some fat in his coffee. Bold try! In my online research, I found some interesting information on this.

As we all know, coffee is a powerful stimulant by itself. The added fat is said to give you an extra energy boost that will help keep you more active and alert while you’re working on a task. My source also told me that he takes fat-added coffee on days when he doesn’t find time for breakfast. The extra fat is said to prevent hunger by keeping the consumer fuller for hours.

Try it once by adding simple fat items like butter, ghee, cheese, or heavy cream in your coffee. You might experience an instant energy-boost as well.         



Interestingly, studies have confirmed that orange glasses are capable of blocking blue light emitted by electronic devices like TV, computer, tablets, and smartphones. 

You might wonder how that makes things better for you. Does that improve your eyesight? Well no, orange glasses don’t improve your eyesight but they block the harmful UV radiations from affecting your mood and sleep. Proper sleep is essential for healthy well-being and orange glasses do their bit to improve your sleep pattern so you can enjoy the benefits of good sleep.



There is no doubt that hitting the gym is all it takes to reduce body fat and stay in shape. But let’s not ignore the most powerful exercise that you can do without spending a penny or driving to your gym – that is, breathing.

Not many of us know how powerful breathing exercises can be. Ancient Yogis and Rishis could survive for weeks without consuming any food or water. All they needed was Prana (or oxygen).

Prana is the vital life force of air, food, and water and it’s the ultimate energy source for the cells. The benefits of prana are achieved through a technique called Pranayama, which is an ancient form of yoga breathing exercise passed on to us by our spiritual ancestors. ‘Prana’ refers to universal life force and ‘yama’ means extension. Putting them together, pranayama refers to the control of prana through the process of inhalation and exhalation.

The benefits of pranayama are as follows:

– Slows down aging process

– Improved intelligence

– Controls stress, anxiety, and depression

– Improves energy

– Controls blood pressure levels

– Improves the functioning of organs such as heart, lungs, intestine, kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, and diaphragm

In addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, these are some fun ideas that will help you explore the other side of positive physical and mental well-being. Try them out and let us know how you feel. Cheers!


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Credits: OptimozBody Hacks | Evelyn Kail for writing this guest blog post