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How To Decorate Your Locker


It’s almost time to head back to school and that means leaving the comforts of your room at home for a large, busy, and very impersonal building. There isn’t much that’s truly yours, except your locker.

With a little tweaking, the standard locker that’s just like everyone else’s can become a locker that’s uniquely yours. The first thing you’ll want to do is to check your school’s policy for what you’re allowed to do. You might find it in your handbook or you can ask someone in Administration.

The second thing you should do is clean it out. It probably wouldn’t hurt to give it a quick wipe down, either. After all, you don’t want to decorate a pigsty!

Third, choose a color or color scheme. A mishmash of colors can make even the neatest locker look messy. Choosing your favorite color, or range of related colors, will show off your personality and your sense of style.

Now, let’s start organizing and decorating!


Organize your locker before you start adding the mementoes or cute stuff. Once you’ve added extra shelves and the accessories you need, you’ll know how much room you have left for those ‘finishing touches’.

A divided magnetic bin can act as storage and décor. Spray paint it to match your locker’s color scheme and add stickers, decals, ribbons, etc. You’ll have a handy place to stash your keys, calculator, pens, and other small things that tend to ‘stray’ as well as a start on decorating your locker.


Mount a magnetic light in your locker and everything else becomes easier to find.



The door makes a great place for a magnetic mirror with a small bin. The bin is a handy place to stash lip balm, mints, dental floss, hairbrush, etc. That way you can give yourself one final check (and touch up, if needed) before heading off to class.

Surround that mirror with photo magnets of your family, pets, BFFs, and favorite celebrities and you’ll always see yourself as part of the ‘in crowd’!

A whiteboard calendar on the door is a great place to keep track of assignment due dates, upcoming tests, and other important dates.

A tiny magnetic container is great for keeping a few paperclips or push pins handy.

Add an inspirational quote or two. This is a pretty easy DIY project; why not get together with a group of friends and make a bunch of them?



If you ever go to school in the rain or snow, don’t fill your locker with shelves! The weather might be nice now, but you know it won’t stay that way. Leave a place to hang up your coat or you might end up wearing it all day.

A hanging organizer gives you lots of extra storage while still leaving room to hang up your coat and backpack.

A zippered pouch is a great place to corral small things like a packet of tissues, lotion, hair ties, deodorant, and anything else you might need to stay comfortable through a long day at school. Use a second one for those essential electronic accessories.



If you change shoes at school, a rug on the floor of your locker will trap mud and slush before it gets all over everything. Besides, it just looks cool!

Add an air freshener too. It can get stuffy in there.

51ed1c44109c5a0866f459c9c3472deeCHANGE IT UP OCCASIONALLY 

Who says your locker has to stay the same for the entire school year? Decorating it for each new season or holiday will keep it fresh and interesting. You might even make a few new friends when they stop by to see your ‘new’ locker!


You’ve gone to a lot of work to have the best locker in school, so keep it looking great. That means organizing your books every week and tweaking the whole locker occasionally. Every time you slam that locker door things shift slightly or start coming loose. Take a good look now and then and fix whatever needs it.

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Photo Credits: Container Store | Flax & Twine