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Introducing The CanvasPop Phone Case


Since 2009, CanvasPop has been empowering people to personalize their lives on canvas. With such expertise in offering personalized products, we decided to tackle the phone case.

Say Hello to the World’s Most Personalized Phone Case, The CanvasPop Phone Case.


Using magnetic technology, you can easily swap skins on your phone case to match your outfit, mood, or style — no matter the occasion. Our phone skins give you the power to have the look of a new phone case, without all the extra costs.

The Phone Case will be Compatible With:


How Does it Work?

With a unique design, the CanvasPop Phone Case allows you to effortlessly swap skins and give your phone a whole new look. All you have to do is peel the skins on and off  and your phone is ready in seconds! Each personalized phone skin has a magnetic backing that seamlessly adheres to the inset frame of the phone case, which ensures your skin stays put when you need it to.

Highly protective. Elegant by design.

We use ultra-protective materials that absorb shock from all angles while creating a balance between low profile design, elegance, and ergonomics. Feels good. Looks good. And is super protective.


Quick Snap Magnetic Mount.

Use our magnetic mount to easily stick your phone in any position from landscape to vertical on the vent in your car. The mount helps you have quick, convenient and non-intrusive access to your phone while you’re on your morning commute, on the way to a meeting, or driving to grab some groceries.

Plus, the mount can be used as a simple kickstand, making you more productive in the kitchen when you need to check on a recipe or on your desk when you’re working.



With the CanvasPop Phone Case’s design finalized from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s Plus, we now need to secure the materials and moulds to bring this case to life. Once secured, we can begin mass production of the phone cases in our North American production facilities, and start the design process to fit additional phones.

With your help, we can finally bring a new level of personalization to what is probably the greatest extension of who we are.

The world is your canvas.