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Making Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home


As the calendar flips to August, it is time to think about school. Yes, your schedule is set, but what about where you’re going to live? Unless you go to school in the same town you currently live in, you will likely stay on campus. College dorm rooms don’t have to be the boring drab spaces they use to be. It’s possible to figure out to how to decorate your dorm room, and make it feel like home.

Bring Life to the Lifeless

As a rule at the end of the year, many schools require their students to remove everything from their dorm. Do not let this idea scare you as you pack for the new school year. It won’t take long to bring life to lifeless once you arrive on campus and unpack. Here are a few of the things you need for the job:

– Corkboard

– Cork Frame

– Whiteboard

– Whiteboard markers.

– Adhesive materials. It is important to check with the school before choosing which ones to use. Make sure you follow their guidelines.

– Decorative items to reflect who you are and add some pop to the room. Keep them tasteful as you will have a variety of visitors throughout the year.

Pack your wall decorating kit in a container of its own. This way you can grab it once you arrive. Don’t make the space so busy that you can’t concentrate. Pack some items that are easy to change for the seasons or special occasions.


The Walls Aren’t the Only Thing to Decorate

Don’t let your personal style end with what is on the wall. Rather let it continue to other areas of the room.

– Use decorative bins to create functional storage under the bed.

– Bring your bed to life with a variety of pillows and even a canopy if you wish.

– Think about the lighting in the room.

– Add some flair to your laundry basket with a different color.


How to Make Your Dorm Shine without Breaking the Bank

College means experiencing the world without your parents for the first time. It also means having to manage a strict budget. Yes, you need to buy groceries, but you still want to enjoy life and your room. You don’t need to break the bank when decorating your room.

– Get crafty. Spend time before heading to campus with friends and create some DIY pieces to decorate the space.

– Hit up the dollar store. You will find a variety of nice looking items to fill out your kitchen, cleaning, and other needs. You can even look for crafty inspirations.

– Talk to your roommate. See what they are going to bring to the room. If possible split the major items.

– Use your camera to bring a touch of home to your new space. Take photos everywhere you go! Even if they don’t always end up on the wall you can decorate other locations with them.

– Take advantage of tax-free weekends. Check with your local state for the date and sale items.


Bringing Your Personal Touch to a Multiple Roommate Situation

Some schools allow students to share an apartment with multiple people in the same location. If you are in this situation, make sure you check with each of your roommates before decorating the common areas.

– Split the cost.

– See if everyone agrees to a common theme. This will make shopping easier.

– Bring pictures to the common areas, but limit them. It is important for everyone to express themselves.

Contact your roommates as soon as possible and ask them for some decorating input, it may spark a friendship.

We look forward to helping you make your dorm room feel like home!

Photo Credits: Popsugar | Hello Luvvy