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5 Insanely Easy and Colorful Dorm Room Wall Art Ideas

5 Insanely Easy and Colorful Dorm Room Wall Art Ideas

Does your dorm room feel like you?

This is your first time living on your own. You deserve to have a stylish space that inspires you. After all, you’re going to be putting in a lot of study time and homework sessions in your dorm.

Check out these 6 creative ideas to brighten up your room with wall art and make it feel like home sweet home.

1. Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are a budget-friendly way to decorate your dorm.
Are you obsessed with making new playlists? If you’re constantly updating your music collection with newly discovered artists, bring your passion into your living space with vinyl records.

Except you store your music on your phone.

If you do happen to own a record player, you’re probably thinking there’s no way you’re scratching up your precious vinyl collection for dorm room decor.

Head to your local thrift store. You can find records there — look for vinyl without album covers. Most vinyl enthusiasts aren’t looking to invest in scratched up records, so they’re super inexpensive. But they’ll make unique dorm room wall art!

2. Magazine Clippings

Magazine clippings make simple and unique dorm room wall art.
Do you have a stack of magazines piled up from old subscriptions?

Turn them into art. All you need is scissors, a magazine, and words. Whether you’re into inspirational quotes or have a favorite lyric from a song, you can make it into dorm wall art. Just trace the letters and cut them out for a vibrant, customized design.

Or you can transform your old magazine clippings into artwork with a quick collage project. Create directly onto your walls or a smaller surface, like canvas or card stock. You can stick to a simple chevron pattern, or come up with your own fun layout.

Even if you don’t have a giant set of magazines, you can locate bundles of magazines at a used bookstore or thrift stores.

3. Instagram Prints

Instagram canvas prints decorate your dorm room with memories.
Even if you’re having the time of your life at college, you’re going to feel homesick. That’s okay. It’s totally natural to miss your friends and family. You might be spending time reliving your summer memories via Instagram or your phone’s camera roll.

But what if there was a way to bring your Instagram photos to life?

Transforming your Instagram memories into beautiful canvas prints is our specialty. Whether your photos are high quality or low resolution, we’ll turn the photos of your choice into crystal clear images to hang in your room.

(Hint to moms: holiday season is just around the corner if you’re in need of gift ideas.)

4. A Photo Collage

CanvasPop collages turn beautiful memories into dorm room wall art.
Between rushing across campus to class and extracurriculars, you might not feel like you have time for a DIY dorm room project.

Let us do the work for you instead with a customized canvas photo collage. You choose the layout and photos. We’ll do the work of making it an amazing collage. You get to pick every detail, from how you want it framed to the background color.

Relive your memories all over again. Include snapshots from the fun weekend camping trip on the lake with your girls, or the incredible date night you never want to forget. Keep your friends and family close, no matter how far away home is.

You’ll receive your own piece of art, without all of the work.  

5. Photo Frames

Photo frames make easy and creative dorm room decor.
Photo frames can make original dorm room wall art too.

Cover an old frame in the fabric of your choice. You can pick up a yard of fabric and a wooden frame from the local craft store. Stretch the fabric across the frame and glue it to the back. Instant artwork.

Or you can even pick up photo frames and arrange them on your wall — without any artwork inside of them. The trick to making this project look cool is to use old frames in different shapes and sizes.

Are you ready to breathe new life into your dorm? Liven up those cold, bare walls with a dose of your personality using our Instagram photo prints or photo collage maker. Make your dorm your own, so you look forward to relaxing after a long day of class.


Photo Credits: Apartment Therapy | Curio & Curio | The Sleepy Time Gal