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How to Get Better Quality iPhone Photos

How to Get Better Quality iPhone Photos

We use our smartphones to capture moments from life on the go. You can’t beat the convenience of having a camera handy for any photo op, especially since our cell phones are capable of snapping high-quality images.

You can make quick and easy edits directly from your iPhone photo editor with the latest iOS 10 software update. Improve the quality of your photos with the basic editing tools already available on your device.

Make the most of your iPhone photography with these step-by-step tips. We’ll show you how a few simple edits can transform an iPhone photo from average to print-worthy!

How to Edit Your iPhone Photos

step-1-screenshotStep 1: Open up the photo you want to edit. We’ll be using a vacation photo from a trip to Cabo, Mexico. Tap the editing slider button to open up the iPhone photo editor, circled above.


Straighten a photo on your iPhone with the rotating tool.
Step 2: Tap the cropping tool on the far left. The subject in this photo looked a little crooked, so we used the rotating tool to fix this. You’ll see a grid appear, making it easy to straighten the photo out. Just line up your image with the grid.


Crop your subject to take a better iPhone photo.
Step 3: Crop your photo by pinching and dragging the box. In this photo, we wanted to crop out the leaves from another palm tree that were poking into the frame.


Take better quality iPhone photos by adjusting your light settings.
Step 4: Adjust the light settings by tapping the dial tool on the far right. By playing around with these settings, you can really make your iPhone photos pop! Options to adjust the light, color, and B&W will pop up on the screen.


Drag the exposure setting left and right to edit your iPhone photo's light.
Step 5: When you tap the arrow, you’ll see a number of light settings ranging from exposure to highlights. We’ll start with manually adjusting the exposure setting to let more light in. Tap the tool and drag it from left to right.


Capture the highlights with iPhone photography.
Step 6: The original photo didn’t capture the highlights of the scene. In order to bring these back into the iPhone photo, we decreased the highlights. At first, we took the highlight all the way down, but it made the edges of the leaves look fuzzy, so we played around with the adjustment until we found the picture perfect setting. Be sure to play around with the settings on your photos!


Bring color into your iPhone photography with the saturation tool.
Step 7: Crank up the saturation to make the color of your iPhone photos look rich and vibrant. The water in real life was a much brighter blue, and we also wanted to bring out the colors from the plants on the island. They weren’t very noticeable in the original photo, so we increased the saturation to show off the main features in the image.


Add dimension with the contrast settings on your iPhone photo editor.
Step 8: You can also adjust the brightness and contrast filters on your photos. In this case, we wanted more contrast to add some dimension to the photo and keep it from looking dull.


Use our iPhone photography tips to get better quality canvas prints.

Final Result: Here is a side-by-side comparison of the original shot vs. the edited image.

In less than 5 minutes, you can transform your photos with the basic editing features that come with every iPhone! Try it out for yourself and amp up your photo album. Your Instagram game will never be the same.  

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