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How to Capture Your Growing Baby for Adorable Nursery Room Art

How to Capture Your Growing Baby for Adorable Nursery Room Art

Have you noticed the latest growing trend in baby photos?

Take a second to browse through your social media feeds. You’ll probably spot it pretty quickly. Your parent friends sharing milestone images of their little one at 3 months, 6 months, and 8 months.

Facebook and Instagram have become the modern day baby photo books! It’s now easier than ever to capture moments and create a visual story of your growing baby.

Need some creative inspiration for your baby’s home photo shoots? Here are some original ideas to get you started:

Use a Stuffed Animal Prop for Baby Photos

Find a cute object to use every month in your snapshots, like a large stuffed animal.

Choosing a big, fluffy prop that can stand up on its own. It makes capturing your shot that much easier. Especially when your growing baby starts to get squirmy and begins wiggling around during your monthly photo shoots.

Capture your baby's growth for nursery art using a stuffed animal prop.
Watch your baby blossom from a tiny infant to rapidly outgrowing their stuffed animal. You’ll enjoy creating a fun, visual memory of your thriving tot.

Tell a Story With Building Blocks

Whether you decide to go the DIY route or purchase pre-made blocks, using numbered building blocks is an easy way to keep track of each milestone. 

Use numbered building blocks to show each month for nursery room photos.
You’ll be able to instantly tell which month the photo was taken! The key to nailing monthly photos is the consistency. Taking the images in the same location and during the same time of day will vividly capture your baby’s growth.

Count the Months With Balloons

Track the first year of your child’s life with balloons for a playful way to represent the number of months. This clever mom created a fun splash of color by keep the balloon palette, furniture, and background consistent in each photograph.

Balloons visually represent the months for baby photo prints.
Cherish your baby’s milestones for a lifetime. Transform those photos of your baby with balloons into beautiful nursery room art. Handcrafted canvas prints are an affordable way to transform your snapshots into professional quality artwork that lasts a lifetime. No matter if you took photos of your little one from a high-resolution DSLR camera or your iPhone.

Craft Numbers with Flowers for Nursery Room Art

A charming idea for your photo theme is to shape numbers into a custom floral design. You can grab artificial flowers from any craft store and reuse them throughout the year — floral arrangements will create gorgeous nursery room art photos.

Florals make beautiful baby photos for nursery room decor.
Elegant florals call for classic framed artwork. With our CanvasPop framed prints, you can customize any image into a frame sized to fit the space of your nursery room walls and match your flower set up. Either way, you’ll have stunning imagery delivered to your door. Fully mounted and instantly ready to decorate your nursery room walls.

Want to learn more about how to create amazing canvas portraits and document your baby’s milestones? Head over to CanvasPop to get started with nursery room art.

Photo Credits: Kate Luber | Hello My Love | Momtog | Fancy Free Finery