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5 Cozy Home Décor Ideas To Refresh Your Rooms

It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time for a home décor refresh. Spring is all about new beginnings and that starts in the bedroom and living room. Whether you’re looking to completely renovate your rooms or simply incorporate small updates, these five cozy home décor trends will help you get there.

1) Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year


Pantone’s 2017 color of the year is a yellow-green shade called “Greenery”. Like spring, Greenery symbolizes new beginnings and vitality. Greenery is meant to mimic nature’s natural revival, restoration, and renewal that occurs in spring. It is meant to make us take a deep breath and reinvigorate.

One way to incorporate Greenery into your home décor is by adding accent pieces to your living room such as a lamp, vase, couch, or even an accent wall if you’re feeling bold. If you’re looking to add some liveliness to your bedroom, switch up your bedding by adding pillows and blankets in Greenery.

2) Mix Patterns


If you’re a minimalist, consider switching up your home décor this season by mixing patterns. Mismatched patterns were all the rage at runway fashion shows and are crossing over into home décor.

Add pillows in mismatched prints to your couch or blankets in mixed patterns for a bedding update. Another way to embrace the maximalist style is to add art in different patterns and mixed pattern prints to your walls.

3) Include Butterflies


Once reserved for children’s clothing or rooms, butterflies are making their way to adult home décor. Butterflies are a symbol of grace and optimism and have been seen in everything from accent pieces to wallpaper.

If you aren’t a fan of a full wall of butterflies, adding a small pieces such as a trio of decorative bowls adorned with butterflies or a new lamp with a butterfly print base can be a fun way to incorporate this trend. If you’d like go a bit bolder, don’t be afraid to add larger elements such as an accent wall in a bedroom using butterfly wallpaper. Or, if you’re more of an art fan, add some butterfly canvas prints to your living room or bedroom.

4) Marble, Marble, and More Marble


Another big trend of 2016 that is still going strong in 2017 is marble. Marble was seen everywhere from laptop cases to walls to counters last year. For light touches of marble, add small pieces to your bedroom such as marble jewelry holders or lamps to your nightstand. If you’re a marble lover, incorporate marble by creating a marble accent wall.

If you’re looking to update your living room with marble, add a coffee table with a marble top. Or, if you have a desk in your living area, consider updating it in marble print.

5) Cork


One of the more interesting trends of 2017 is cork. Cork has been popping up everywhere – from full walls to coffee tables. This unexpected trend has gained popularity thanks to its multi-purpose feature and sound-absorbing qualities. Cork boards can help increase productivity and organization. Have a sudden idea or important task to remember? Tack it on the corkboard! Cork boards are also perfect for creating vision boards or planners.

Adding a cork wall can help showcase your creativity and also absorb sounds – perfect if you live in an apartment or condo. If you aren’t looking to cork a full wall, add some smaller cork pieces like a coffee table in your living room or smaller cork board to your bedroom wall. Even smaller pieces like coasters can work!

Spring is a time for new beginnings and incorporating these trends will help revitalize your home. Any living room or bedroom can use some restoration, revival, and renewal after a dreary winter! Whether you’re looking to totally transform your living room and bedroom or simply looking to do small updates this spring, try incorporating one (or more!) of these trends in your home décor.

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Images: French By Design Blog / Elle Décor / Houzz  / West Elm / Houzz