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Worldwide Cyclery: Turning Epic Adventures into Office Art

action shot of mountain biker on canvas print

“There’s no better decoration for our shop’s showroom areas, office space, and warehouse than awesome photos of us riding in our favorite places.” – Jeff Cayley, Worldwide Cyclery 

No matter where you work, the physical environment around you plays an important role in your productivity and how you “feel” in your office whether it’s at home, in a building or even in a cafe. Lighting. Wall art. Plants. Furniture. The temperature in the room. Think about your own workspace – all of these things have an effect on how you work. In fact, research shows that art in the workplace has a positive impact on employee productivity and happiness.

Our friends at Worldwide Cyclery, a bike shop that’s redefining what a bike shop should be, decided to spruce up their space with office art. More specifically, they’ve proudly displayed canvas prints of their stunning photography. We thought it was a perfect opportunity to shine the spotlight on folks that embody things all of us at CanvasPop value – an obsession with superior-quality products, amazing customer service, innovation, adventure, and passion.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jeff Cayley, founder of Worldwide Cyclery and ex-pro mountain bike racer, about the business, office art and his vision for the future of the bicycle industry.

mountain biker in black and white canvas print

What inspired you to start Worldwide Cyclery?

I’ve always loved bikes, especially super high-end ones. I love building them, riding them, racing them, dreaming about them etc. Another thing that I love is the fun of business and technology. I took all those passions and mixed them together. Worldwide Cyclery is the outcome of that. I was fortunate enough to bring in some great people to the company who also loved bikes, business, and technology. It’s a dream to be doing exciting things that you’re passionate about every day.

How does having art and decorations around the office, whether it’s a canvas print or something else, affect how you work?

There’s no better decoration for our shop’s showroom areas, office space, and warehouse than awesome photos of us riding in our favorite places. Everyone that steps foot in either one of our locations is a passionate rider and loves to look at cool riding shots, especially when there’s a local trail they recognize. It just puts a smile on your face. It shows people who we are and what we’re all about: riding bikes!

With CanvasPop, I love how easy it is to hop onto the website, upload a photo and have a beautiful canvas print to hang on the wall at our doorstep in just days. Nothing is better than original art of your own that evokes fond memories which make you smile each time.

cool canvas print of mountain biker doing tricks in the air

Aside from office art, how do you ensure your work environment is conducive to productivity and having fun?

A lot of that boils down to culture. It’s a challenge in our industry to be productive and focus because you’re surrounded by people you enjoy, products you’re interested in and so on and so forth. It’s easy to get off topic chatting about yesterday’s ride, new bikes that hit the market and any other bike-related thing that pops up. We have a core value in our company that is as follows: balance fun and focus. Laughing is important, being incredible is important; it’s all important. We understand how to maintain the ever-so-perfect balance of hard work, jokes, and laughter. We have a seriously good ability to switch from focus to fun and vice versa.

There are a lot of beautiful photos on Worldwide Cyclery’s website and social media. What photography tip(s) would you give to people who’d like to capture cool action shots?

We’ve got a few guys in the company who are amazing at capturing epic photos of bikes and riding shots. I think some of the biggest things are using a legitimate camera, getting the focus just right with that background blur effect and making sure the lighting is spot on. If you ever want some specific details, just DM our Instagram account and ask for Michael or Reamonn. They are the talent behind the lens.

biker riding on mountain trail

Can you tell us about one of the craziest rides you ever went on?

There have been plenty but one that comes to mind is a ride we did in Virginia a few years back. It was one of those “friend meeting up with a friend who is meeting some guys to ride trails that they heard were really cool…” Needless to say, we weren’t quite sure who we were going to be riding with or how long it was going to be.

There ended up being a lot of debate during the ride about what trail we should ride, going this way or that way etc. We ended up doing over 30 miles of insanely steep climbing and descending, getting lost a few times, and being totally unprepared by not bringing enough food and water. To top it off, we finished the ride in the pitch black of night with no lights for the last hour of the ride. What a mess…but it was damn fun!

office art action shot of mountain biker in forest

How do you envision the future of the bicycle industry?

I could probably go off on this topic for an hour! But to sum it up, I think the retail landscape of it is changing a lot and the retailers that aren’t providing genuine value to a niche market are going to disappear.

The industry is getting more complex, more specialized and consumers have developed much better connections with brands and shops via social media and email. This is really changing a lot of things. It gets easier to buy online, easier to learn how to fix things yourself by watching videos on YouTube, and content of all kinds at your fingertips. As this all happens, the commerce side of things will have to shift into the modern world. The good news is bikes are getting so much better, engineering is on point and selection and saturation is on the rise which is great for consumers. I’m optimistic about the future of the industry and excited to see how good bikes can get!

Make sure to check out Worldwide Cyclery‘s massive inventory of bikes, frames, accessories and other awesome bike-related products.

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