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4 Ways to Turn Kid’s Art into Home Decor Accents

living room shot of kid's art

Has the little one in your life, whether it’s your kid or your sibling or nephew, ever brought home an art project that just ends up getting stored in a box somewhere? Why not turn it into funky wall art or pillows? They’re perfect for gift giving or simply sprucing up your home. Even better, you’ll be showing your little artist just how proud you are of them.

1. Framed Prints

How cool is this framed print of a happy heart among the clouds? It’s amazing to witness what a child’s uninhibited imagination can produce. Not to mention, the frame around the image adds another dimension to it.

kid's heart drawing in framed print in bedroom

2. Canvas Prints

Is this canvas print a) expensive abstract art or b) a finger painting by a 5-year-old? If you said B, you are correct! Decorate your kitchen (as shown in photo), bathroom, bedroom, living room, game room and any other room you can think of.

kid's art on canvas in kitchen

Feeling inspired? Want to turn your kid’s art into a masterpiece?



3. Pair of Square Canvas Prints

Chances are there your little one will have created more than one painting or drawing that would go well together. With square canvas prints, you can add dimension and style to any room. The prints below are modern, abstract art pieces would be a great addition to your dining room, for example. Your dinner guests might even ask you if you bought them at an art auction. Little would they know, they were painted in 4th-grade art class.

pair of square canvas prints

4. Pillows

Custom photo pillows are great for printing pictures of the family and beloved pets, but you can definitely print some funky designs and colorful artwork, too! They’re stylish and comfy – you can’t go wrong with that.

tie dye kid's art on pillow bunny kid's art pillow

Feeling inspired? Want to turn your kid’s art into a masterpiece?


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