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The Best Christmas Gift of All

All throughout the month of December, you’re going to see endless this talk of gift giving and snatching up the best deals – it’s exciting to get shiny new presents! We’re no stranger to this, of course, but sometimes, the best gifts are the ones you that you least expect to receive.

More than Just a Christmas Wish

Losing a loved one can be one of the most traumatic, devastating events in someone’s life. But even in the most tragic events, we can often find something beautiful.

In 2011, David Schmitz tragically lost his wife Brenda to ovarian cancer. They had four boys together: Carter, Josh, Justin, and Max.

Brenda wanted David to move on with someone special and eventually, he found new love with Jayne, who has also become a devoted mother to David and Brenda’s four boys.

More than two years after Brenda passed away, David received an incredible gift that he could’ve never expected. And it all started with a letter.

Every year, Star 102.5, a local radio station based in Buffalo, New York, grants Christmas wishes to their listeners. In August 2011, one month before Brenda passed away, she wrote a letter to the station asking them to pamper the entire family and the medical staff at the hospital where she was treated. She instructed a friend to send the letter to the station when the time was right.

In December 2013, they invited David into the station to reveal Brenda’s amazing plan.

Read the heartwarming letter below (click image to enlarge):

Brenda Schmitz letter

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

When we read about this heartfelt story, we were awestruck by Brenda’s wisdom and strength. We reached out to David and offered to give him a canvas print of a double rainbow. Brenda and Max’s favorite song is Somewhere Over the Rainbow and on the day she passed away, there was a bright double rainbow in the sky. There was no doubt in David’s mind that it was Brenda letting the family know that she was watching over them.

Now, the canvas is hanging up in Max’s room as a constant reminder of his mother.

double rainbow canvas print

Watch David’s full interview with the radio station below.

Do you know of an incredible family or an individual that deserves an amazing Christmas gift?