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3 Cool Ways to Print Your Travel Photos

london travel print in yellow living

When March rolls around, many of us hop on a plane to get away. Maybe you’ve already taken a vacation for spring break and now you’ve got tons of great photos on your phone and camera. Don’t just leave your adventures sitting there…do something awesome with them! Thanks to the creativity of our customers, we present to you 3 creative ways to show the world where in the world you’ve been.

1. Canvas Print of Your Favorite Vacation Memory

canvas print of baby on a sunny beach

Lounging on beaches, a ski trip in Whistler, cascading waterfalls in Iceland, a weekend getaway to your cottage in the woods…there are so many beautiful sights and cherished moments you can print on canvas.

Photo courtesy of @kristijay99

2. Framed Print of the Cities You’ve Visited

framed print with travel destinations

Photos are awesome but words are pretty great too. And if you haven’t traveled to enough places for a long framed print like the one pictured above? Add cities that you want to go to but haven’t yet! It serves as great motivation to plan your next trip. Havana, Toronto, Miami, London, Paris, Rome…where to next?

Photo courtesy of @mavisblueprints

3. Photo Magnets on a World Map

travel photos on magnets with world map

We love the idea of printing multiple memories on photo magnets for each place you’ve been to. It’s perfect for road trips across the country, backpacking trips in Europe (or anywhere really), reminiscing about all the vacations you’ve taken with the family over the years and other adventures around the globe.

Photo courtesy of @glenghiskhan

Now that you have some ideas on how to print your travel photos, it’s time to starting creating your prints and show them off!

Feeling inspired?