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What do moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

smiling mom and daughters

Every year on Mother’s Day, millions of people rush to the store to buy a card and flowers for the woman who gave birth to them. But is that what moms really want? We surveyed 100 people to find out the answer to this question and what we found was pretty interesting. Take a look at the findings of the research we conducted:

what do moms really want for mothers day infographic

Other interesting takeaways:

1. Flowers, a card, and dinner out were most common mother’s day gift received each year. A little bit more creativity wouldn’t hurt, right?

2. 22% of moms said the worst gift they ever got was nothing at all. In other words, 22% of moms have the worst children ever!

3. The funniest answer to “Which gift bought your mom the most joy?”: Casino chips. We hope that Mom scored big!

4. And the award for the weirdest/worst gift received? A handmade ashtray! Um…what?

The verdict is in…

Moms want more personalized gifts with sentimental value for Mother’s Day. This includes gifts that reflect the love she has for her children and family – according to the survey, moms really love receiving photo prints of the family. Give Mom what she really wants this year!

All that being said, every day is a good day to show Mom you love her.

Mother’s Day Shipping Deadline is APRIL 29TH