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7 Interior Designers on Instagram We’re Obsessed With

justin blakeney in her living roomAs a company that has printed photo products for the home and office for many years, we love getting inspired by creative and visionary interior designers. The way they work their magic with rooms always leave us in awe. Stepping into a space they’ve designed is like stepping into another world entirely. To help you get inspired for your next home project, we scrolled around on Instagram (yeah, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) to find people with skills that take interior design to a whole other level.

Joanna Gaines 

interior designer joanna gaines

Looking at her feed full of charming designs, it’s easy to see why Joanna has over 8 million followers. Her designs can best be described as simple, fresh and timeless. Along with her husband Chip, Joanna owns multiple businesses in Waco, Texas: Magnolia Homes, Magnolia Shop, and Magnolia Realty. This husband-wife duo also has a show on HGTV called Behind the Design. What a power couple!

Amber Lewis (Amber Interiors) 

amber lewis in her kitchen

When we look at Amber Lewis’ designs, we can’t help but smile. She has a penchant for bold and colorful styling with a dynamic mix of vintage and modern. Her style can be partly attributed to the fact that she’s a lifelong Californian. Amber and her husband started Shoppe to sell housewares online and eventually launched a successful full-service interior design agency.

Elsie and Emma (A Beautiful Mess) 

elsie and emma of a beautiful mess laughing in the kitchen

The dynamic sister duo of Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman has created a Beautiful Mess, a blog that encourages you to “stay home + make something”. They’ve been homebodies who love making arts and crafts since they were kids…and not much has changed! Well, except for the fact that they’ve managed to turn it into a successful business. Contrary to its name, their blog is anything but a mess. In addition to unique decor ideas, you can also discover crafts, delicious recipes, and style tips on their blog and Instagram.

Kelly Wearstler

kelly wearstler on black and white stripe couch

If you’ve got a thing for the finer things in life, you’re going to love Kelly Wearstler’s style. The melange of bold colors and unique, abstract designs can be a little bit jarring, but that’s exactly what makes her style so exciting and unique. Her website and Instagram feed are filled to the brim with pieces that will make you do a double-take…or maybe even a triple or quadruple-take.

Becki Owens

becki owens dining room

When Becki Owens was young, she would watch her parents closely as they remodeled homes. This sparked her desire to transform spaces and that passion still thrives and motivates her to this day. From what we can see, Becki Owens has loves large, elegantly designed open spaces with white walls that invite natural light in. We in total awe of how she can create rooms that are so inviting and full of warmth.

Orlando Soria (Hommemaker)

orlando soria

Orlando Soria wants to show the world that men can love interior design and be domestic, too. When we look through his designs, we think of him inspiring men to be stylish kings in the home. Of course, women who get inspired by his him are welcome as well. We love his style because it’s fun, bubbly, and eclectic…we think the same can be said about his personality!

Justina Blakeney (The Jungalow)

justina blakeney jungalow

Welcome to the jungle! Justina Blakeney is an expert in bringing the luscious greens of the jungle and tropical forests into your home. By combining nature’s beauty with colorful designs and funky patterns, Justina creates cozy spaces that are full of good vibes. Looking at her vibrant designs always brightens up our days.

Which one of these designers is your favorite? Do you have someone in mind that you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

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