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How to Print iPhone Panoramic Photos

Sometimes the shot you really want to take is bigger than your phone’s screen. That’s where panoramas come in. Have you checked out the panorama photo feature on your iPhone? We have, and we’re addicted!

Our in-house photographers tested it out and we’re excited to share this tutorial on how to print iPhone panoramic photos on canvas with your iPhone. You’re gonna love’em!


Step 1: Find your photo inspiration. So many subjects rock as panoramic photos on canvas — cityscapes and bridges, mountain ranges and views, sunsets and lakes! The possibilities are endless.

iPhone Panoramic photos

Step 2: With your subject in view, open the Camera app on your phone, and tap “Pano” on the options at the bottom of your screen. It’s the last option there, so you’ll need to do a bit of scrolling.

iPhone Panoramic photos

Step 3: Line up the camera on the left-hand side of where you want your photo to start. Tap the shutter button, then pan your iPhone continuously to the right, keeping the onscreen arrow on the line.

iPhone Panoramic photos

Step 4: Congrats! Now you can marvel at the beauty of your new panorama.

Step 5: Choose a size for your canvas or framed print. We love printing custom sizes, and panoramas are just that! We recommend the following sizes for printing panoramic iPhone photos: 16×76″, 12×57″ or 8×38″. But if you have ideas for something different, we can do that too.

Step 6: You have two options for sending your photo to CanvasPop — directly from your iPhone on our website (must be using iOS 6 or above), or email it to yourself, download it to your computer and place the order. Regardless, start here!

Step 7: We take care of the rest! We’ll lovingly print and hand-stretch your photo, then deliver it to your doorstep. How easy was that?

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