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10 Hilarious Family Portraits that Will Make You Laugh

Depending on who you are, posing for family portraits can either be a joyous or tedious experience. But when they turn out beautifully, you can look back on the moment with fondness, even if you may not have enjoyed posing for it.

Family portraits are one of the most common photos we print and we love seeing the smiling faces of a family sharing a moment together.

While classic family photos will stand the test of time, you can’t deny it’s an absolute blast looking at some…let’s say, unconventional portraits. We’ve compiled photos that will definitely make you giggle. Hopefully, this will inspire your very own whacky family portraits.

Scary Christmas to you and your family.

It’s only the first picture and we’re already at a loss for words…

The Dark Side needs more family members. Will you join them?

Star Wars fans will get a kick out of this one. Think of all the characters you can dress up as!

The epitome of awkward.

This photo makes us feel all sorts of uncomfortable…we guess the cat feels the same way.

This family portrait is unreal!

This masterpiece is the work of a photographer who hasn’t exactly mastered the art of photo editing. When the family received the photos, they couldn’t help but double over in laughter. Who can blame them?

Attack of the Frisbee!

Nothing says sentimental family portrait like a frisbee flying towards your face.

These babies are flipping out!

Looks like Mom and Dad need to get a grip on their kids. Ok, enough puns for today.

Double trouble.

If you’re not going all in with embracing awkwardness, why bother, right?

When your pup is larger than life.

This one is giving us “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” vibes.

It’s a dire denim dilemma.

We’re not sure what possessed them to pose like this, but we’re glad they did.

You see? Posing for photos with the family doesn’t have to be a drag. We bet you have a sudden urge to pose for your own ridiculous family portrait now!


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