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6 Mommy Bloggers That Make Us Laugh

Being a parent is hard…like, really hard. But as hard as it can be, nothing can compare to all the precious moments you get to experience watching your little one grow up. Because a lot of you are parents, we’re always printing family photos or beautiful moments between child and parent (keep ‘em coming!).

So I think it’d be safe to say that some of you follow Mommy bloggers for their tips and tricks on being the best parent you can be.

We came across some hilarious bloggers that poke fun at those late nights and the resulting tired eyes, as well as the quirky little things their kids say and do. Oh, and of course, we’ve noticed how wine is always a welcome guest for them after a long, arduous day. We totally get it!

I Mom So Hard

You can just tell by the name that super moms Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedly are going to be hilarious. Aside from taking the liberty to turn nouns into verbs with each video they release (e.g. I Hot Tub So Hard, I Stuff So Hard etc.), these moms shy away from the cookie cutter mold of a typical Mommy blogger in such a with their bubbly, outgoing, and quirky natures.

We really don’t need to say much. Just watch the video below and you’ll see what we mean:

One Funny Mother

If you’re looking for polished photos and videos, you’ve come to the wrong place. Dena Blizzard is One Funny Mother and she’s here to get real. She first garnered attention as the “Target mom” from her Back to School Rant and Chardonnay Go viral videos that were viewed by tens of millions of people. She’s since been doing professional gigs as a comedian and host for a variety of outlets. Pretty sweet!

No Domestic Diva

At the helm of No Domestic Diva is Susan McLean, a mother who has a knack for finding the bright side of aging, being sleep deprived and not getting enough exercise. On her blog, you’ll find hilarious content like bad gift guides and memes that are super relatable for any mom!

My Life Suckers

Deva Dalport has built a loyal following of moms with her unique, quirky brand of humor. While so many influencers and bloggers can only dream to go viral, her videos have gone viral dozens of times, with her video views totaling more than 300 million! She’s got some serious talent for creating mom-centric parody videos.

This is Inappropriate

Meredith Masony first started her blog in 2014 when she felt alone in her struggles as a mom. This is Inappropriate served as a way to help and connect with other moms who felt the same way…like they were going crazy! Over the years, the community has grown tremendously. We’re so glad that she turned negative into positive because now we’re blessed with content like, “THIS IS WHY MOMMY SCREAMS” and “Yeast Infections are the Worst”.

Brittany, Herself

We love Brittany Gibbons for many reasons: she spreads messages of body positivity, she’s not afraid to swear, she writes in a way that makes her feel like a close friend, and of course, she’s hilarious! Aside from being a successful blogger, she’s a model, author, podcaster, TED speaker and more.

Being a parent is like going on a wild rollercoaster ride, but it can be a pretty fulfilling job. Why not immortalize your proudest/funniest/most frustrating/craziest mom moments with wall art?


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