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The Best Photo Gifts for Pet Lovers

cute dachshund puppyWhat’s the best way to show off how much your love pet? Sure, giving them kisses, love and affection is all fine and dandy, but what about custom pet photo gifts? Turning your favorite pet photos into tangible items is a whole lot of fun and you’ll have mementos that will last a lifetime. Aside from getting them for yourself, you can always get these gifts for the pet lovers you love most in your life. In our experience, these gifts will do nothing less than impress.

1. Pet Pillows

From what our customers tell us, pet photo pillows are the second most adorable and huggable thing in the world (the first being your pet, of course)! Decorative patterned pillows are great and all, but we think having a plush version of your pet staring back at you on your couch or bed is a lot more unique and special. When we first released pet pillows last summer, we had no idea that they’d be such a hit! Looking back now, it’s easy to see why. 

cute bulldog puppy photo pillow

Photo credit: One of CanvasPop’s very own employees


funny cute pet pillow of brimley the cat

Photo credit: @brimleycat




2. Pet Portrait

Humans aren’t the only ones that can pose for a professional portrait. Give your walls the love they deserve with pet portraits on canvas prints or as framed prints. As you can see from the portraits our customers have printed, you shouldn’t be afraid to get creative. The only limit is your imagination. 

fun dalmation dog pet portrait

Photo credit: @__mikamoo


saluki dog posing with digital pet portrait

Photo credit: @missartypets. It’s a digital portrait!

3. Pet Gallery Wall

By creating a gallery wall for your pets, you’re creating your very own mini-museum in your home. We love how versatile they can be. A gallery wall can consist of a minimum of 3 prints but you can go all the way up to 100 if you want to. Mix it up with canvas prints, framed prints, and other wall decor items like clocks and plants. They’re perfect for the bedroom, living room, above the fireplace and bigger wall spaces.

cute gallery wall of pug puppy photos

4. Pet Photo Book

If you’re looking for something that’s more compact and portable, a photo book filled with the funniest/sweetest/cutest/best memories of your pet is the perfect gift. Your dog’s first birthday party. Your cat in his/her Halloween costume. You and your hamster in space (ok, maybe not). Whatever it is, every beautiful moment with your buddy has a place in a photo book.

brussels griffon dog with pet photo book

Photo credit: @ittystagram

With these thoughtful pet photo gift ideas, you’ll impress your friends and family for every birthday and special occasion. Or, if you just love your pet that much, you’ll impress yourself by putting pet photo gifts everywhere like a crazy cat lady who lives with 12 of her closest feline friends. Sounds like a good life to us!


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