Photographs from Award Winning Film on Auction for Charity.

Hope House Fundraiser & Kids With Cameras partner with CanvasPop.

On Thursday, May 27th, 2010 Toronto’s Hope House Fundraiser aims to raise $50,000 for Hope House, a school in Calcutta being built by the Kids With Cameras (KWC) foundation, a charity born from the Academy Award Winning documentary ‘Born into Brothels’. The event promises a dazzling array of entertainment and a very special art show, presented by CanvasPop, which will showcase the photographic works of the film’s talented young subjects.


The one-time event is organized by a group of Torontonians who were inspired by the celebrated documentary portraying the children of Calcutta’s red light district. Their captivating story is told in their own words and through their photographic works (a skill taught to them by Co-Director and onscreen presence Zana Briski). The movie resulted in the launch of the Kids With Cameras charity and now, the project of building Hope House, a school and safe haven for the children.

Hope House Fundraiser Co-chair Jason Wong explains that photography is a big part of the event and a catalyst for the cause, “Hope House came to be as a result of an amazing cinematographic account of a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through photography. This movie inspired the Hope House project and inspired our team to contribute and volunteer hundreds of hours of time putting together our fundraiser.”

CanvasPop has generously supplied their services to create 12 high quality photo canvas prints and generate an expected $8,000 in revenue for the project. CanvasPop and DNA11 Co-founders Nazim Ahmed and Adrian Salamunovic explain that their involvement was two-fold: “Nazim’s family is from India so we felt a close connection to the cause. We saw immediately that these images told a powerful story and we wanted to contribute and see the photographs come to life on canvas as part of an art show at the Hope House Fundraiser.”

Oscar Winning Ross Kaufmann Director and Executive Producer Geralyn Dreyfous are confirmed to attend. Two of the children from the film, Avijit Halder and Kochi Pal will attend and speak on their personal experiences in the brothels and how KWC and photography has changed their lives.

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About Hope House The Academy Award winner inspired Hope House Fundraiser will take place on May 27th at Palais Royale in Toronto. The event will raise money for Hope House, a safe haven for the young girls of Calcutta’s red light district. or @HopeHouseTO on twitter. For high definition b-roll or hi-res images of CanvasPop processing Hope House images, please contact

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